Michal   Janos

producer / director  /  screenwriter /  cinematographer  /  editor


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Born in Prague. Living in Salzburg. Michal is an award-winning filmmaker. His personal passion for visual storytelling started down in hostel which he owned on the ocean-desert shore in Peru. During the time of filming surfers, he wrote a story about the soul of long-distance hiking which inspired him to sell the hostel, return back to Europe, and to make his first feature film.

“Good Pre-production is a key to excellent video/film craft.”

With a limited budget, several thousand euro, SLR camera, one lens, and a drone in his backpack he filmed the journey of a man on the most difficult trek in Europe.

The film Hiking Miracles - GR 20 got numerous awards on a festival like Sheffield doc/fest, or in Deauville Green Awards where the picture had a tough competition of major international TV stations. After the success, the film was distributed worldwide.

“I am always asking what is at the heart of an idea first and how can I tell authentic stories through talents. What's really important for me is... truth.”

From that time, Michal made dozens of commercials for international brands and several long-format projects for TV.

"Any kind of Film or video is about a devotion to genuine clever emotion storytelling."


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Red Bull, Servus TV, WKÖ, IKP, Porsche, Mondelez, Signa, Ölz, iOriginal, Russmedia, Vol.at, Beauty of Adventure, Mohren, Vokacova, Rauch, Gätzner, Vorarlberk Milch, HTL Bregenz, Silvretta Montafon, Pfanner, Bayerwald, G.A.S., Pierer.



Hiking Miracles - GR 20

The story begins in a small town named Calenzana, on the island of Corsica. A young girl embarks on a journey along the legendary marked trail, GR 20. Through her feelings, you can experience what it takes to go 180km away from civilization, in extremely challenging terrain and in constant weather changes. GR 20 is considered one of the most difficult treks on the planet, but one of the most beautiful. A story full of unforgettable moments, is an adventure of 16 days spent in the wilderness.









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